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HillTop Aquarium Services

Everything You Need for Your Fresh or Salt Water Aquarium


Your one-stop-shop for all things aquarium

Aquarium Set-Up and Design 

Aquarium set-up and design services include (but are not limited to) Room Diagnosis, Full Setup, and Aquascape. Aquarium setups generally require a call and then an in-person consultation.

Supplies are generally recommended by us and either purchased by the customer or ordered from us to pick up and bring on site.

Aquarium Maintenance

Our most convenient service is our aquarium maintenance. We provide programs that best accommodate your schedule. We can provide maintenance scheduled every week, twice a week, bi-weekly, or every month.

Aquarium Services may include (but not limited to):

Aquarium Diagnosis and Water Tests, Fish Health Assessment, Water Changes, Gravel Vac, Algae Clean, Filter Clean, Exterior Aquarium Clean.

Emergency Tank Services

We try our best to support our clients with emergency care for their aquarium and fish, a tank crashing, water quality problems, fish health checks, and tank diagnosis, we will do our best to help find a solution.

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